Welcome, Celo Founders!
Welcome, Celo Founders!

Welcome, Celo Founders!

🧗🏽 Our Mission

As you embark on your journey to create build a startup on Celo, we want to help you at every step of the way as you launch and grow.

📚 Learn Celo

what tools do you need to build?

📖  Celo’s Developer Docs - Overview of Celo tools and the value they provide to developers.

☎️ Celo Docs and Discord

⚖️ Monitor Celo

how is the network doing?

✨ Product Resources

help me with my product

📈 Fundraising

planning to fundraise?

🚀 Building on Celo?

help us make sure we include your work?

  1. DAppRadar: please be sure to submit your DApp here.
  2. Electric Capital: Please submit your repo to this Airtable and preferably a pull request to this repo.
  3. Celo’s Docs: Submit a PR here and here
  4. Fill this form
  5. Submit to celohub.org

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